Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Frequently Asked Load runner Online Quiz Questions And Answers

46. What is an external data source?
A.  User ID
B.  Password
C.  E-mail address
D.  Purchase order number
Ans: D

47. What are the main types of service level agreements available in the Controller and Analysis?
A.  Per Time Interval
B.  Errors per Second
C.  Average Hits per Run
D.  Average Throughput per Run
Ans: A

48. Which performance test objective is met when determining the cause of performance degradation?
A.  Reliability
B.  Regression
C.  Acceptance
D.  Bottleneck identification
Ans: D

49. What is NOT an advantages of using automated load tests over manual load tests?
A.  Repeatability
B.  Easier to scale
C.  Improved validity
D.  Increased hardware resources
Ans: D

50. Which tool is used to manage and maintain a scenario?
A.  VuGen
B.  Analysis
C.  Controller
D.  Load generator
Ans: C

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