Thursday, 24 September 2015

Most recent asked Dreamweaver Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

36. Which action does NOT help mitigate page weight?
A. remove extra white space in the code
B. optimize and compress all image files
C. replace a JPEG photo with a GIF image
D. format pages and text using Cascading Style Sheets
Answer: C

37. In which color will the text Formatting with CSS be displayed in the browser?
A. red
B. blue
C. black
D. green
Answer: D

38. Which is required when hosting a Web site on a publicly addressable production server?
A. FTP server
B. SSL certificate
C. Web server
D. Application server
Answer: C

39. Which reports are available within Dreamweaver HTML reports to assist you in Web site maintenance?
A. Accessibility, Untitled Documents, and Missing Alt Text
B. Broken Links, Missing Alt Text, and Untitled Documents
C. Missing Alt Text, Untitled Documents, and Orphaned Files
D. XHTML Validation, Browser Compatibility Check, and External Links
Answer: A

40. Which tool is required to create and deploy a Web site?
A. Web browser
B. Dreamweaver
C. production server
D. application server
Answer: D

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