Thursday, 24 September 2015

Latest Dreamweaver Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

31. Which two categories of reporting are available in the Dreamweaver Site Reports interface? (Choose two.)
A. HTML Reports
B. Workflow Reports
C. Information Reports
D. Accessibility Reports
E. Browser Compatibility Reports
Answer: A,B

32. Which are the three categories of files displayed by the Dreamweaver Link Checker?
A. Broken Links, External Links, and Invalid Links
B. Broken Links, External Links, and Missing Files
C. Broken Links, External Links, and Orphaned Files
D. Broken Links, External Links, and Unreachable Files
Answer: C

33. Which would NOT be a potential problem level that is detected by the Browser Compatibility Check in Dreamweaver?
A. errors
B. warnings
C. design issues
D. informational messages
Answer: C

34. You have just become the Webmaster for a Web site you did NOT create. You want to locate and correct broken links within this website.
Where can you go within Dreamweaver to locate broken links and open each page so you can correct these issues?
A. use HTML Reports in the Site Reports tab of the Results panel
B. use Validation in the Results panel and choose Validate Entire Current Local Site
C. use Browser Compatibility in the Results panel and click Settings in the pop-up menu
D. use Link Checker in the Results panel and select Broken Links in the Show pop-up menu
Answer: D

35. Your site requirements dictate that all pages must load in under 6 seconds for users connecting to the Internet with a 33.6k modem.
What is the easiest way to verify that each page in your site meets this requirement?
A. run the Accessibility HTML Report for all pages in your site
B. change your connection speed in your status bar preferences
C. install a modem and browse each page while using a stopwatch
D. use the file browser to ensure that no HTML page is more than 18K
Answer: B

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