Thursday, 3 September 2015

Leadership Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. You may maintain less eye contact with audiences who are...
  A. very interested in your presentation.
  B. not showing interest and are distracting to you.
  C. listening to you for the first time.
Ans: B

32. What is verbal impact?
  A. It is the words and sentence constructions used in your speech.
  B. It is the loudness and clarity of your speech.
  C. It is your body improvement and posture.
Ans: A

33. Leadership may be defined as...
  A. the ability to motivate people to work towards a common goal.
  B. the ability to command people to work towards a common goal
  C. the ability to discipline people
Ans: A

34. Good communication skills and motivation techniques...
A. are the foundation of leadership.
  B. will earn you respect from people.
  C. are helpful to your leadership.
Ans: C

35. A leader should not...
  A. be confident.
  B. magnify his achievement.
  C. receive encouragement.
Ans: B

36. Eye contact with your audiences is important because...
  A. it tells them that you are interested in them.
  B. it makes them afraid and listen to you.
  C. it is impolite to have your eyes "wonder" around.
Ans: A

37. It is good to be creative in your planning but...
  A. do not break the traditions.
  B. focus on your objectives.
  C. you must execute the details personally so that they will be what you want.
Ans: B

38. Effective up-front speaking...
  A. will improve the commitment of your people.
  B. helps you to capture the interest and comprehension of your audiences.
  C. makes your plans successful.
Ans: B

39. The first step in designing your plans is...
  A. study your resources and limitations.
  B. define your objectives.
  C. design the action plans.
Ans: B

40. A leader must know how to lead because...
  A. this will keep his team motivated and effective by meeting their objectives.
  B. without challenges, people will feel bored.
  C. this is how leadership potential can be measured.
Ans: A

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