Thursday, 3 September 2015

Leadership Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Which of the below is an example of laissez-faire leadership?
  A. "We can go to the zoo or bird park for this outing. I am OK with anything."
  B. "I need your feedback before I make decision. Please speak out."
  C. "Everybody will fall in at 1400 hour sharp."
Ans: A

22. By putting suitable people to be in charge of certain tasks...
  A. you can work on important areas and supervise the entire plan.
  B. you know who to blame for it anything goes wrong.
  C. you can reduce your mental stress.
Ans: A

23. Which of the following is correct?
  A. Rate is the speed in which you move your hands.
  B. Frequent use of "Okay" makes your speech more interesting.
  C. Use simpler words for your instructions.
Ans: C

24. The squad system was devised by our founder so that...
  A. the officers can be free for important areas of the company.
  B. the senior Boys can command the junior Boys and gain their respect.
  C. the officers can spend more time with their family.

25. Which of the following has the greatest impact in your presentation?
  A. Body language.
  B. Vocal impact.
  C. Verbal impact.
Ans: A

26. Which of the following is correct?
  A. Debrief can be omitted if the team will not be working together in future.
  B. More time should be spent in execution and less on planning.
  C. Plans not completed on time can, sometimes, be as good as not done at all.
Ans: C

27. The purpose of debrief is...
  A. for the leader voice out his unhappiness about the execution.
  B. those who quarrelled in the execution to argue their cases.
  C. to reflect on what has taken place and improve on future projects.
Ans: C

28. Before giving a demonstration you should...
  A. summarize the lesson and emphasize the key points.
  B. have a last practice so that you will be more confident.
  C. position yourself so that everybody can see you.
Ans: C

29. When checking on the team members or I/Cs, make sure that...
  A. they follow your guidelines and are able to meet the expectations.
  B. they follow your methods exactly.
  C. their plans must fit your style of working.
Ans: A

30. Why is it advisable to get demonstrators for your lessons?
  A. Because if anything goes wrong you can inform them.
  B. To avoid having all the trainees looking at you.
  C. So that you can concentrate on your explanation.
Ans: C

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