Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hyperion Objective type Questions and Answers

11 When refreshing the database in a multi-currency application, what can be selected to 
create a Currency Conversion Caic Script? 
A. Currencies, Scenarios, Version Type, and Versions
B. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, and Exchange Rate Type
C. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, Version Type, and Versions
D. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, Exchange Rate Type, and Versions
Ans: A

12 Which two statements about account level annotations are true?
A. Account level annotations can have 1 500 characters.
B. Only parent level members can have account level annotations.
C. To enable the account level annotations, the Web form design does not matter.
D. A specific option must be selected in the display options page to enable the account level annotations.
Ans: A, D

13 Which three are valid properties of Scenarios with the Hyperion Planning Web Dimension Editor?
A. Access Rights
B. Time Periods
C. Data Storage
D. Exchange Rate Table
Ans: A, B, D

14 Which two Hyperion Application Link Adapters can be used together to Load data? 
A. Essbase Adapter
B. FLat File Adapter
C. Web Form Adapter
D. Hyperion Planning Adapter
Ans: A, B

15 When using the Hyperion PLanning ADM driver within Hyperion Reports, which function is used to select Attribute members? 
A. Property
B. Member
C. ReLative Member
D. Range
Ans: A

16 Supporting Detail can have which two properties? 
A. Detail cannot be deleted once created.
B. Data can be filled across a series of columns.
C. Detail can be retrieved in the Spreadsheet Add-in.
D. It can only be text information, no data can be input
E. Data can be in hierarchical form and include aggregation of values.
Ans: B, E

17 Which two are valid Account member names that can be used in Hyperion PLanning? 
A. 4200
B. Net-Profit
C. _Gross Sales
D. tost of Sales
E. (Total Expenses)
Ans: A, B

18 The Create Blocks componentwithin F-Iyperion Business Rules (HBR) is used for the purposeof 
A. Creating blocks for dense member combinations
B. Creating blocks for sparse member combinations
C. Creating blocks for attribute member combinations
D. Creating blocks for dynamically calcuLated and stored member combinations
Ans: B

19. What are three valid variables to consider about Hyperion Planning application Web performance?
A. Network bandwidth
B. Design of existing web forms
C. Server hardware specifications
D. Number of users that exist within the application
Ans: A, B, C

20 When designing a report in Hyperion Reports, where do you set me txpansion upnon 
A. On the Cell Properties
B. On the Row Properties
C. On the Grid Properties
D. On the Report Properties
Ans: B

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