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Hyperion Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21 Hyperion PLanning connects to Essbase using the non-underscore username to establish a connection for which two products? 
A. Hyperion Reports
B. Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in
C. Hyperion Planning Web Application
D. 1-lyperion Planning Spreadsheet Add-in
Ans: A, B

22 Which list of data storage settings represents all of the available settings for the Entities dimension in the Hyperion Planning Dimension Editor? 
A. Dynamic Calc, Never Share, Shared, Store
B. Dynamic Calc, Label Only, Never Share, Store
C. Dynamic Calc, Dynamic CaIc and Store, Never Share, Shared, Store
D. Dynamic Calc, Dynamic Cat and Store, Label Only, Never Share, Shared, Store
Ans: D

23. In a multi-currency application using a Target Version, what calculation options should be used with the Aggregate Data component?
A. Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, Aggregate Missing Values, and Use Calculator Cache
B. Aggregate Missing Values, Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions, and Use Calculator Cache
C. Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions, and Use Calculator Cache
D. Aggregate Missing Values, Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, and Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions
Ans: C

24 Which three predefined types of base time periods can be established when creating the calendar?
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Quarterly
D. Yearly
E. Custom
Ans: B, C, E

25 Which three options are Maintain User tasks in Hyperion Reports? 
A. Assign user to a Role
B. Import Essbase Users
C. Import Windows NT users
D. Import LDAP Users
E. Import Users from a text file
Ans: A, B, E

26 What are two reasons for creating or re-creating a Currency Conversion cat script? 
A. A currency is no longer a reporting currency.
B. Data in the Essbase database were modified.
C. Another year has been added to the application.
D. A new entity member was added to the application.
E. A foreign currency exchange rate value was modified.
Ans: A, C

27 A user receives “You do not have access to view this form” when trying to open a Web form. What causes this message? 
A. The user does not have Write access to the form.
B. The user does not have Read access to the form.
C. The user does not have access to every member in the form.
D. The user does not have access to at least one member in every dimension in the form.
Ans: D

28 When would account annotations be available? 
A. when the option is turned on in the application setup
B. Only when the Web form is designed by an administrator
C. When the Web form is designed to using the proper layout
D. When the user has write access to alt dimension selections on the Web form
Ans: C

29 In a multiple plan type application, which statement is true? 
A. Security Refreshing can be limited to a Plan Type.
B. A descendant member within the Custom dimension can be made valid for a Plan Type.
C. The Accounts dimension can be dense for one Plan Type and sparse for another Plan Type.
D. After the application has been set up but the Create has not been run, the Plan Type names can be changed.
Ans: C

30 The client wants to load actual data from the general ledger but the file generated requires fields to be ignored and the order of the fields to be changed. What is a possible method for completing this task? 
A. Use an Essbase data load rule
B. Use the Web Form import utility
C. Use SQL statement to toad into Hyperion Planning Relational Database
D. Use Hyperion Application Link flow diagram utilizing the Hyperion Planning Adapter
Ans: A

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