Thursday, 3 September 2015

Graphic Design Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. ______ is the emotional, cultural, or social content of a design 
A. intensity
B. branding
C. engravings
D. expression
Ans: D

32. _______ are the band of colors that appears when natural light (or white light) is bent and seperated as it is passed through a prism 
A. nuetrals
B. spectrum
C. space
D. texture
Ans: B

33. _______ are the primary colors of light red, green, and blue which create white light when mixed together 
A. temperature
B. additive primaries
C. template
D. chop marks
Ans: B

34. Priciples of perception is ______? 
A. Complementary color scheme
B. closure, emphasis, expression, and dynamics
C. Monochromatic color scheme
D. Split Complement color scheme
Ans: B

35. _______ is white, any shade of gray and black are considered neutrals 
A. line
B. value
C. Non hue
D. color
Ans: C

36. ________ is the tendency to complete partial forms or shapes by seeing lines that do not exist
A. value
B. line
C. form
D. closure
Ans: D

37. ________ is a representation or a name in a particular typeface 
A. shape
B. logotype
C. Non hue
D. line
Ans: B

38. pictures that stand for words or ideas are _____? 
A. porportion
B. nuetrals
C. pictographs
D. chop marks
Ans: C

39. ______ means that in a work of art/ design everything works together or look as if it belong in the work of art/design
A. variety
B. unity
C. value
D. tint
Ans: B

40. images or words added to paper as it is made, which can be seen only when the paper is held up to a strong light is ______? 
A. movement
B. template
C. texture
D. watermark
Ans: D

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