Thursday, 3 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Graphic Design Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. orange, green, violet are______? 
A. Primary colors
B. tertiary colors
C. arbitrary color
D. Secondary colors
Ans: D

42. ___________ is a color scheme that uses only one hue (color) and the values, tints and shades of that hue, white, grays, and black 
A. Split Complement color scheme
B. Complementary color scheme
C. Triad color scheme
D. Monochromatic color scheme
Ans: D

43. ________ is a small box with a lens on one side with which early photographs were taken 
A. camera obscura
B. watermark
C. temperature
D. color
Ans: A

44. ____________the equalization of visual forces in a work of art 
A. balance
B. line
C. shape
D. value
Ans: A

45. ___________is the spectrum bent into wheel for the purpose of understanding color and relationships between colors. 
A. Color wheel
B. color
C. Non hue
D. color scheme
Ans: A

46. yel. orange, yel. green, blue green, blue violet, red violet, red orange are _______? 
A. Primary colors
B. arbitrary color
C. Secondary colors
D. tertiary colors
Ans: D

47. _____ is the use of logos and logotypes on products as well as on company advertising, stationary, and signs; erected on posts, anchored on buildings, or imprinted on company vehicles
A. intensity
B. Gestalt
C. signage system
D. spectrum
Ans: C

48. ________ is spectral name or family of a color Example: yellow-green, red violet and violet
A. value
B. shade
C. hue
D. line
Ans: C

49. _______is the element of art that refers to how things feel, or look as if they might feel if touched 
A. closure
B. temperature
C. texture
D. value
Ans: C

50. When artists try to reproduce colors as they see them, including the effects of atmosphere and reflection upon the colors, this is called the use of _________?
A. color
B. Primary colors
C. space
D. opitcal color
Ans: D

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