Thursday, 3 September 2015

Graphic Design Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. _____ is the appearance of a color is affected by the colors that surround it 
A. signage system
B. simultaneous contrast
C. abstract
D. Primary colors
Ans: B

22. _____a false belief about something you see 
A. closure
B. value
C. illusion
D. line
Ans: C

23. ______the plan an artist uses to organize a composition 
A. design
B. motif
C. insignia
D. unity
Ans: A

24. _____the relative lightness or darkness of a color 
A. value
B. balance
C. space
D. variety
Ans: A

25. ______ is special type of formal balance in which two halves of a balanced composition/design
A. nuetrals
B. Primary colors
C. Symmetry balance
D. symbol
Ans: C

26. ______is any plan for organizing colors 
A. Color wheel
B. color scheme
C. composition
D. closure
Ans: B

27. ______ is parts of an artwork that appear farthest away from the viewer 
A. background
B. foreground
C. haramony
D. pictographs
Ans: A

28. _____is the 3 dimensional space that an object is or occupies 
A. motif
B. line
C. space
D. form
Ans: D

29. _______ is the creation of unity by stressing similarities of separating but related part in a work of art/design 
A. branding
B. variety
C. movement
D. haramony
Ans: D

30. ______ is the practice of establishing a memorable reputation for a product or a company 
A. tint
B. balance
C. branding
D. line
Ans: C

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