Thursday, 3 September 2015

Graphic Design Objective type Questions and Answers

11. ____ is a color scheme that uses colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and have a common hue 
A. color scheme
B. Triad color scheme
C. Monochromatic color scheme
D. Analogous color scheme
Ans: D

12. ____ is a basic element repeated to create a pattern 
A. shape
B. form
C. motif
D. hue
Ans: C

13. ______durable metal type invented by Johann Gutenberg, made from a combination of lead, tin, and antimony 
A. movable type
B. logotype
C. value
D. tonility
Ans: A

14. ______the characterization of a color as either warm or cool
A. template
B. temperature
C. trademark
D. texture
Ans: B

15. _____is a the element of art that descries or refer to the relative between space is a the element of art that refers to the emptiness of the area between around or above below or with objects 
A. value
B. space
C. shade
D. line
Ans: A

16. ______line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture 
A. the elements of art
B. temperature
C. 3 Components of color
D. The elements of art/design
Ans: A

17. ______are the rules for dynamical that are used to help organize the elements of art the principle 
A. Principles of design
B. The elements of art/design
C. Graphic design
D. optical illusion
Ans: A

18. creates a very causal or natural effect is ______? 
A. Asymmetry balance
B. balance
C. after image
D. Primary colors
Ans: A

19. _____ is the act of organizing the elements of an artwork into a harmoniously unified whole
A. expression
B. composition
C. motif
D. porportion
Ans: B

20. ____ are simple signatures carved in wood, dipped in ink, and pressed onto paper or canvas - to identify their work 
A. watermark
B. trademark
C. closure
D. chop marks
Ans: D

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