Monday, 21 September 2015

Freshers AJAX Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11. Which are the two methods used for cross domain Ajax calls?
There are two methods used to transfer data between the two more more security domains:
    CROS – Cross Origin Resource Sharing and it works with the HTTP web browsers
    JSONP – JSON with Padding which works with the HTTP GET and on legacy browsers

12. What are all the technologies used by Ajax?
AJAX uses following technologies:
    Document Object Model (DOM)
    Extensible HTML (XHTML)
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

13. What are all the features of Ajax?
Following are the features of Ajax and they are as follows:
    Live data binding
    Client-side template rendering
    Declarative instantiation of client components
    Observer pattern on JavaScript objects and arrays
    Invoking ADO.NET data services and data contexts
    DataView control

14. What is JSON in Ajax?
JSON is abbreviated as JavaScript Object Notation.
JSON is a safe and reliable data interchange format in JavaScript, which is easy to understand for both users and machines.

15. What are the difference between AJAX and Javascript?

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