Monday, 21 September 2015

Experienced AJAX Interview Questions and Answers

16. What are the components of the ASP.NET AJAX architecture?
There are two components of AJAX Architecture:
    AJAX client architecture
    AJAX server architecture

17. What are the extender controls?
The extender controls uses a block of JavaScript code to add new and enhanced capabilities to ASP.NET.

18. What is AJAX Control Extender Toolkit?
AJAX Control Toolkit is one of the extenders that are used to extend or add the functionalities of the ASP.NET controls. The extenders use a block of JavaScript code to add new and enhanced capabilities to the ASP.NET controls.
AJAX Control Extender Toolkit is a free download from site.

19. Where AJAX cannot be used?
Users cannot use AJAX if
    If Page need to show in a search engine
    If browser does not support JavaScript
    If user wants to create secure application

20. What are the pre-requisites to execute AJAX applications on a server?
AJAX is a built-in functionality of .NET Framework 4.0 and AJAX application can be executed by just installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. To use extenders in your applications, you are required to install AJAX Control Toolkit and copy the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file to the Bin directory of your application.

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