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AJAX Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free download

6. What role of #&& in querystring?
# is treated as fragment delimiter to delimit the history state and && precedes is used to check on the information in the query string.

7. How to control the duration of an Ajax request?
AsyncPostBackTimeout property is used to control the duration of Ajax request. Deafult value of this property is 90 seconds.
Example –
<asp:ScriptManager runat=”server” id=”sample” AsyncPostBackTimeout=”40”/>

8. What are the advantages of Ajax?
Following are the advantages of Ajax:
    Bandwidth utilization – It saves memory when the data is fetched from the same page.
    More interactive
    Speeder retrieval of data

9.  What are the disadvantages of Ajax?
Following are the disadvantages of Ajax:
    AJAX is dependent on Javascript. If there is some Javascript problem with the browser or in the OS, Ajax will not support
    Ajax can be problematic in Search engines as it uses Javascript for most of its parts.
    Source code written in AJAX is easily human readable. There will be some security issues in Ajax.
     Debugging is difficult
     Increases size of the requests
     Slow and unreliable network connection.
    Problem with browser back button when using AJAX enabled pages.

10. What is update panel?
Update panel  is a server control used to update the specified portion of a web page. Script Manager needs to be used whenever update panel is used. Using update panel, user cannot handle outside controls.

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