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Frequently Asked QTP Online Quiz Questions And Answers

91) Can QTP run on multiple instances/processes/sessions/windows of Application under Test?
B.  NO
Ans:  B

92) Select the Invalid syntax to access data in Data Table via VB Scripting :-
A.  DataTable(“Column Name”, dtGlobalSheet)
B.  DataTable(“Column Name”, dtLocalSheet)
C.  DataTable(Column ID, Sheet ID)
D.  DataTable(Column Name, Sheet ID)
Ans: D

93) Consider following piece of code
on error resume next
if err.number 1 then
'Parameter does not exist
'Parameter exists
end if
Code highlighted above is not logically correct. Select the correct code from the options Provided
A.  if err.number 2 then
B.  if err.number val then
C.  if err.number “ParamName” then
D.  if err.number 0 then
Ans: D

94) Does SetTOProperty change the property of an object stored in the Object Repository such that, next time the object is referred to in the test script the updated property of the object is used?
A.  Yes
B.  No
Ans: B

95) Select the function used to set property of a run – time object :-
A.  SetTOProperty
B.  GetToProperty
C.  SetRoProperty
D.  Cannot be set
Ans: D

96) Does GetROProperty return the property of a run-time object?
A.  Yes
B.  No
Ans: A

97) Object Spy is used to check :-
A.  Test-Time Properties of an Object
B.  Test-time Properties and Test-Time Methods of an Object
C.  Run-time Properties and Run –Time Methods of an Object
D.  Test - time and Run-time Object Properties and Test-time and Run – time Object Methods
Ans: D

98) Can Descriptive Programming be used to create Test Scripts for an application without actually recording on it ?
A.  Yes
b.  No
Ans: A

99) Consider following line of code :-
StartURL = ""
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer ")
IE.Visible = True
IE.Navigate StartURL
Set IE = Nothing
The highlighted line of code is not syntactically correct. Select the correct line of code
A. Set IE = CreateObject('InternetExplorer.Shell')
B. Set IE = CreateObject('InternetExplorer.Run')
C.  Set IE = CreateObject('InternetExplorer.Application')
D.  Set IE = CreateObject('InternetExplorer.Script')
Ans: C

100) Select the syntactically correct lines of codes :-
A.  Browser(creationtime=4).Page(title=Editorial CompanySearch).Link(text=Codes).
B.  Browser(creationtime:=4).Page(title:=Editorial CompanySearch).Link(text:=Codes).
C.  Browser('creationtime:=4').Page('title:=Editorial CompanySearch').Link('text:=Codes').Click
D.  Browser('creationtime=4').Page('title=Editorial CompanySearch').Link('text=Codes').Click
Ans: C

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