Wednesday, 2 September 2015

FoxPro Objective type Questions and Answers

6)     If x is 'X ' and y is 'Y ' then what is the result of x - y ?
A type-mismatch error
A. -1
B. 'XY '
Ans:  B

7)    What happens if you redefine a field type from Numeric to Float?
A. All values in the field are truncated to 4 decimal places
B. All values in the field are lost
C. Nothing changes
Ans:  C

8)    Can you enter duplicate values in a field with a Unique index?
A. Yes
B. Yes, but you get a warning message
C. No, any duplicate value is rejected
Ans:   A

9)   What does ?_screen->backcolor do?
A. Displays the value of the screen's background colour.
B. Sets the background colour of the current control to the screen's background.
C. Displays the colour-picker dialog
Ans:   A

10)      Can you use a #DEFINE on a Foxpro keyword?
A. Yes.
B. Yes but the redefinition is ignored.
C. No.
Ans:  A

11)    What is the result of Proper('MCKAY')?
A. 'McKay'
C. 'Mckay'
Ans:  C

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