Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 43 Front Desk Objective type Questions and Answers

1) At the front desk texting is allowed when:
  A. Done Discreetly
  B. In front of the customers face
  C. Laughing at my phone
  D. Showing the customer a funny youtube video
  E. The customer is asking me a question
Ans: A

2) Facebook is allowed to an extent when:
  A. I am playing words with friends
  B. Laughing hysterically over Facebook chat
  C. No customers are in line
  D. Commenting away without a care in the world
Ans: C

3) What should I do during my shift?
  A. Spend the entire shift on Facebook
  B. Spend the entire shift texting
C. Spend the entire shift talking on my cell phone
  D. Checking the ATG every 15-20min and making sure that calls have assignments (whether it is to myself or the appropriate tech / department)
Ans: D

4) I can use my cell phone to make calls when:
  A. No full time staff members are around.
  B. I want a Pizza
  C. Never (only in an emergency)
Ans: C

5) Homework is allowed
  A. While a customer is in front of me
  B. While someone is talking to me
  C. When no one is in line
Ans: C

6) If rooms are ready, early check-in may being at:
  A. 0700
B. 0900
  C. 1100
  D. 1300
Ans: A

7) Guests that check out after _________ will be charged a late check out fee unless prior approval has been granted.
  A. 1100
B. 1200
  C. 1300
  D. 1400
  Ans: B

8) No Shows are processed after:
  A. 0700
B. 0800
  C. 0900
  D. 1000
  E. 1100
Ans: E

9) A group checking in is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the lobby.
  A. True
  B. False
Ans: B

10) A group is defined as:
  A. 20 or more people
  B. 10 or more people
  C. 5 or more people
  D. 3 or more people
Ans: B

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