Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 11 FoxPro Objective type Questions and Answers

1)     Which File is used to write the different types of Foxpro program ?
A. Report File
B. Lable File
C. Program File
D. Index File
Ans:  C

2)  If the Customers table is open, what does this command do: ? [company]
A. Displays the value of the company field
B. Displays the characters 'company'
C. Displays the value of the variable whose name is stored in the variable named 'company'
Ans:  B

3)    What happens if you hold the Shift key down then click on File in the main menu?
A. The Close option becomes Close All
B. The current window closes
C. The menu undocks and can be moved
Ans:  A

4)   What date is given by Gomonth({^2000-01-31}, 1)?
A. February 28th 2000
B. February 29th 2000
C. March 2nd 2000
Ans:  B

5)    What does the command 3+8 do if you are on the first record of the Customer table?
A. Stores 11 in the primary key of the current record
B. Moves to record 11
C. Displays the numeric value 11.
Ans:   B

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