Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash Page9 Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

81) A white box with a diagonal red line through it means...
  A. ... no color. (Correct Answer)
  B. ... do not enter.
  C. ... no data.
Ans: A

82) You can change a solid color into a gradient in the....
  A. ... color menu.
  B. ... swatches menu.
  C. inspector.
  D. ... all of the above. (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

83) You cannot change the angle or length of a gradient.
  A. True
  B. False (Correct Answer)
Ans: B

84) Clicking and dragging with the pen tool creates...
  A. a straight line.
  B. a curved line. (Correct Answer)
Ans: B

85) When the pen tool has a small plus side next to it, it means you can...
  A. ...edit an anchor point
  B. ...create an anchor point. (Correct Answer)
  C. ...delete an anchor point.
Ans: B

86) A pen tool with a small circle next to it means you can...
  A. ...close a shape. (Correct Answer)
  B. a shape.
  C. ...delete a shape.
Ans: A

87) With the brush tool selected, you can adjust your brush shape and size in the tool bar.
  A. true (Correct Answer)
  B. false
Ans: A

88) Clicking and dragging the playhead will "scrub" through your movie so you can see the animation.
  A. True (Correct Answer)
  B. False
Ans: A

89) When nothing is selected, you can adjust the following in the Properties Inspector.
  A. stage size
  B. background color
  C. frame rate
  D. all of the above (Correct Answer)

Ans: D

90) If you want to see faint images of the keyframes before and after the current frame, you would turn on...
  A. testing.
  B. ...onionskinning. (Correct Answer)
  C. ...dull opacity.
Ans: B

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