Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash B.Com ,MBA Questions And Answers

71) A stroke is...
  A. ...the width of the paintbrush.
  B. ... the color of the paintbrush.
  C. ... the outline around a shape. (Correct Answer)
  D. ... the fill of a shape.
Ans: C

72) You can control the fluidity of the line drawn with the pencil tool.
  A. True (Correct Answer)
  B. False
Ans: A

73) You can control the width, patterning, color and smoothing of a Pencil stroke all in the....
  A. ... Commands Menu.
  B. ... Properties Inspector. (Correct Answer)
  C. ... Behaviors Menu.
Ans: B

74) When drawing with the Rectangle Tool, if you wanted to make a perfect square, you would hold down the _____ key while drawing.
  A. shift (Correct Answer)
  B. option
  C. control
  D. command
Ans: A

75) To make a donut shape you would use the...
  A. ... Oval Tool.
  B. ... Oval Primitive Tool and adjust the Start Angle.
  C. ... Oval Primitive Tool and adjust the Inner Radius. (Correct Answer)
Ans: C

76) Double-clicking on a stroke will...
  A. ... select the entire stroke. (Correct Answer)
  B. ... select the entire object.
  C. ... delete the entire stroke.

Ans: A

78) The ink bottle changes the color of...
  A. ...strokes. (Correct Answer)
  B. ...fills.
  C. ...the background.
Ans: A

79) To keep an shape from "taking a bite" out of another shape when it is dragged over and then moved later on, you can... (2 correct answers)
  A. ... draw the shape with "object drawing" selected in the tools panel. (Missed)
  B. ... group the shapes into an object. (Missed)
  C. ... change the color of the shapes.
Ans: A,B

80) The transformation point is...
  A. ... the fading in a color gradient.
  B. ... the phase at which an object is rendered.
  C. ... the point from which an object or shape is rotated or scaled. (Correct Answer)
Ans: C

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