Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31) The stacking order of viewing objects is decided by the order of the l
  A. scenes
  B. frames
  C. layers (Correct Answer)
  D. actions
Ans: C

32) ____________ is a way to partially hide an image in the layer immediately below another layer. The 2 layers get “locked” together to produce the effect.
  A. Morphing
  B. Tweening
  C. Stacking
  D. Masking (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

33) This is a way to take a word and animate each letter separately.
  A. Distribute to layers. (Correct Answer)
  B. Break apart
  C. frame-by-frame
  D. Convert to symbol
Ans: A

34) ________________ allow you to make objects move in a more random or non-straight path.
  A. Mask
  B. Shape tween
  C. Guided layer (Correct Answer)
  D. Gravity effect
Ans: C

35) ____________,  when used appropriately, adds to the viewer’s experience, making for a much richer and enjoyable activity.
  A. Advertisments
  B. Sound (Correct Answer)
  C. Commericals
  D. Tweens
Ans: B

36) This panel indicates what settings are being used for objects and allows you to change those settings.
  A. Tools
  B. Actions
  C. Frames
  D. Properties (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

37) A key frame that contains objects will be represented by a ___________ circle.
  A. hollow
  B. black (Correct Answer)
  C. blue
  D. gray
Ans: B

38) Use this to make a symbol disappear from view (great for changing pictures). You would use motion tween for this method. You have to change the “alpha” setting of the symbol. Alpha represents transparency.
  A. Zoom
  B. Masking
  C. Fade Effect (Correct Answer)
  D. Morphing
Ans: C

39) Any item placed on a frame that has not been converted to a graphic, button, or movie clip. This includes shapes you draw as well as images you insert/import (jpg, bitmaps, etc.). Use this to do a shape tween or mask effect.
  A. Layer
  B. vector
  C. bitmap
  D. object (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

40) The ___________________ is a holding place for all symbols and imported images and sounds within a single Flash file.
  A. library (Correct Answer)
  B. timeline
  C. properties
  D. tools panel
Ans: A

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