Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) The brush option that paints behind the object on the stage.
  A. Paint Inside
  B. Paint Selection
  C. Paint Behind (Correct Answer)
  D. Paint Normal
Ans: C

22) A powerful tool in flash that allows you to have greater control when creating lines.
  A. Powerline
  B. Line Tool
  C. Powertool
  D. Pen Tool (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

23) This tools allows you to scale, rotate and skew objects in the flash stage.
  A. Merge Tool
  B. Free Convert Tool
  C. Free Transform tool (Correct Answer)
  D. Object tool
Ans: C

24) The Windows> Align> Entire Stage makes the ____________.
  A. object align with another object
  B. object fill the entire stage (Correct Answer)
  C. object fill another object
  D. object fill the entire screen
Ans: B

25) This tool allows you to modify the gradient in three ways.
  A. Merge Drawing
  B. Flash Tool
  C. Gradient Transform Tool (Correct Answer)
  D. Object Drawing
Ans: C

26) To make an object transparent, the ______ should be set in the Property Inspector panel.
  A. Alpha Value Settings (Correct Answer)
  B. Transparency Settings
  C. Color Settings
  D. Object Settings
Ans: A

27) This tool is useful when you are zoomed in and need to move around an area in your artwork.
  A. Merge Tool
  B. move Tool
  C. Hand Tool (Correct Answer)
  D. Zoom Tool
Ans: C

28) This tool allows you to grab a color of another object and apply it to another.
  A. Merge Tool
  B. Move Tool
  C. Hand Tool
  D. Eyedropper Tool (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

29) This is the shortcut key for adding a keyframe.
  A. Erase Objects
  B. Erase Only Shapes
  C. Erase Selected Fills (Correct Answer)
  D. Erase Normal
Ans: C

30) It is to create new file.
  A. Ctrl + O
  B. Ctrl + Q
  C. Ctrl + T
  D. Ctrl + N (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

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