Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash Objective type Questions and Answers

11) By default, this panel is located below the flash environment.
  A. Library Panel
  B. Property Inspector Panel
  C. Layers Panel (Correct Answer)
  D. All of the above
Ans: C

12) This view that is similar to the old interface of flash and is perfect for old Flash users.
  A. Debug View
  B. Classic View (Correct Answer)
  C. Twining
  D. Transition View
Ans: B

13) This is the shortcut key for adding a key frame.
  A. .FLA (Correct Answer)
  B. .Doc File
  C. .FLV File
  D. .ASF File
Ans: A

14) The last step in production. It is done to verify if you have met the goals of the project.
  A. Brainstorming
  B. Refining (Correct Answer)
  C. Action Scripting
  D. Adding sound
Ans: B

15) These are frames that are signaficant. It is the basis for tweened animation.
  A. Keyframes (Correct Answer)
  B. Special Frames
  C. Master Frame
  D. None of the above
Ans: A

16) This type of drawing is a grouped shape; it has a rectangular surrounding in it when selected.
  A. Merge Drawing
  B. Flash Tool
  C. Oval Tool
  D. Object Drawing (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

17) This area in Flash is similar to the clipboard in Microsoft Office applications.
  A. Merge Drawing (Correct Answer)
  B. Flash Tool
  C. Oval Tool
  D. Object Drawing
Ans: A

18) The tool that creates a rectangle, which you can customize the sides.
  A. Rectangle tool
  B. Square tool
  C. Rectangle primitive tool (Correct Answer)
  D. Oval tool
Ans: C

19) The tool that allows you to create a polygon and a star.
  A. StarPoly tool
  B. PolyStar (Correct Answer)
  C. Custom shape tool
  D. . Polygon tool
Ans: B

20) The two ways to draw fills in a drawing?
  A. Ink and Pencil
  B. Brush and Spray (Correct Answer)
  C. Oval and Shape
  D. Fill and Autofill
Ans: B

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