Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 90 Flash Objective type Questions and Answers

1) This area is much like a theatre stage. The white area displays what will be shown on the screen This area is much like a theatre stage. The white area displays what will be shown on the screen
  A. Dashboard
  B. Flash Stage (Correct Answer)
  C. Tools Palette
  D. Layers Panel
Ans: B

2) This area in Flash is similar to the clipboard in Microsoft Office applications.
  A. Dashboard
  B. Layers Panel
  C. Library Panel (Correct Answer)
  D. Property Inspector
Ans: C

3) This is like a comic strip that shows the important parts of a story.
  A. Timeline
  B. Photo Story
  C. Comic book
  D. Storyboard (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

4) What part of the menu bar allows you to hide/unhide panels?
  A. View
  B. Edit
  C. Window (Correct Answer)
  D. None of the above
Ans: C

5) What does the abbreviation, FPS means?
  A. Flick Per Scene
  B. Frames Per Second (Correct Answer)
  C. Frames Per Scene
  D. Flick Per Second
Ans: B

6) This ideals with the rotation and movement of the object from one point to another in specific frames.
  A. Tweening (Correct Answer)
  B. Shape Tween
  C. Motion Tween
  D. Transition
Ans: A

7) The step in production is performed to add more detailed to your scene.
  A. Improvement of design
  B. Action Scripting (Correct Answer)
  C. Polishing
  D. Create a storyboard
Ans: B

8) To start Adobe Flash, Click on Start>______>Adobe Flash
  A. Adobe Collection
  B. All Programs (Correct Answer)
  C. Run
  D. Open
Ans: B

9) This action allows you to save the object in the library panel for future use.
  A. Importing
  B. Exporting
  C. Convert to text
  D. Convert to Symbol (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

10) It allows you to insert text within your flash stage.
  A. Text Box
  B. Text Tool (Correct Answer)
  D. Key frames
Ans: B

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