Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Flash Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41) Designed to be an interactive object. You create these so that action scripts can be used to control other objects or events in the movie.
  A. layer
  B. mask
  C. button (Correct Answer)
  D. tween
Ans: C

42) This is used to change an object from a circle to a square.
  A. Mask
  B. Shape tween (Correct Answer)
  C. Motion tween
  D. Morphing
Ans: B

43) Empty key frames are indicated by a _________________ circle on the timeline
  A. hollow (Correct Answer)
  B. black
  C. open eye
  D. closed eye
Ans: A

44) Use this to move symbols from one point to another.  All animation happens between key frames (point A and B). The timeline turns purple between the key frames when this feature is being used. A dashed or dotted line in the colored area indicates a problem.
  A. Motion Tween (Correct Answer)
  B. Mask
  C. Shape Tween
  D. Action Script (Your Answer)
Ans: A

45) Changing this can sometimes make an animation look smoother.
  A. frame rate (Correct Answer)
  B. key frame
  C. mask
  D. layer
Ans: A

46) The ___________ panel contains the basic tools needed to draw and modify objects.
  A. Actions
  B. Properties
  C. Tools (Correct Answer)
  D. Layers
Ans: C

47) This is, by far, the most tedious way to create animations.
  A. Shape Tween
  B. Motion Tween
  C. Mask
  D. Frame-by-Frame (Correct Answer)
Ans: D

48) These are objects that have been converted so that you can use the same image a number of times in a movie. You can also use this to do fade effects, rotation effects, and flip effects.
  A. layer
  B. symbols (Correct Answer)
  C. clip art
  D. tween
Ans: B

49) Every animation needs a starting and ending point. _______________ are used to set these.
  A. Scenes
  B. Key frames (Correct Answer)
  C. Blank frames
  D. Graphic symbols
Ans: B

50) The __________ shows the frames in the movie.
  A. toolbar
  B. Properties pane
  C. timeline (Correct Answer)
  D. scene

Ans: C

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