Wednesday, 2 September 2015

First Aid Objective type Questions and Answers

11) What applies to a victim with a reduced counsciousness?
  A. The victim is still capable to speak
  B. The victim is in shock
  C. The victim does not react to speaking and shacking
  D. The victim is still alert
Ans: A

12) How can you recognize a vein bleeding?
  A. Blood flows equally out of the wound
  B. Blood flows with pulses out of the wound
  C. Blood flows slowly out of the wound
Ans: A

13) Where do you position the knot in the end of the bandages of a emercengy bandage?
  A. Always on top of the bandage
  B. Crossed over the wound
  C. Clearly away from the wound
Ans: C

14) Witch of the items mentioned below can cause a shock?
  A. a short periode of unconsciousness "Fainting"
  B. a heart attack
  C. a feeling of nausea
Ans: B

15) What should yo do for shock?
  A. Give the passenger something to drink
  B. Let the passenger sleep
  C. Give nothing to drink, re-assure the passenger and seek medical assistance
Ans: C

16) What do you do for small cut.
  A. Wash with soap and water, cover with a sterile bandage
  B. Only cover with a sterile bandage
  C. Clean the wound with cotton wool
Ans: A

17) What is included in the CPR procedure?
  A. Rescue breathings only
  B. Compression of the chest only
  C. Rescue breathing and chest compressions
Ans: C

18) What can cause the blood circulation stop?
  A. a heart attack
  B. a bleeding in the smaller veins
  C. a head wound

Ans: A

19)  What do you do if someone suddenly begins to bleed severely?

  A. Tell them to lick out the blood
  B. Apply pressure to the wound
  C. Scream and run
  D. Remove foreign object
Ans: B

20) What are the symptoms of Hypothermia?
  A. Warm and sweaty
  B. Cold and sweaty
  C. Cold, tired, shivering and acting abnormally
  D. Just very sweaty
Ans: C

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