Wednesday, 2 September 2015

First Aid Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) What is the best treatment of second degree burn?
  A. Put Aloe vera lotion on it
  B. Water
  C. Put ice on the burn
Ans: B

22) How  do you check for breathing?
  A. Listen
  B. Look for rising chest
  C. Feel with the cheek
  D. Look, Listen an Feel
Ans: D

23) A nosebleed can be stopped by:
  A. Waiting
  B. Pinching briefly the nostrils
  C. Give something cold to drink
  D. Put some cotton wool into the nose
Ans: B

24) Wich of the first aid duties below has the highest priority for you as a Cabin Attendant?
  A. Be aware of danger
  B. Re-assure the passenger
  C. Arrange medical attention
Ans: A

25) What is your FIRST action when examining the condition of a patient?
  A. Check for breathing
  B. Check for external injuries
  C. Speak to the victim and shake his shoulders
Ans: C

26) What is the correct procedure when treating with the AED?
  A. Remove clothing, dry the passengers skin (when necessary) attach electrodes and turn on the AED
  B. Call for assistance, turn on the AED and follow the instructions provided by the AED.
  C. Dry the passengers skin (when necessary), attach electrodes, start rescue breathing, call for assistance and tun on the AED
Ans: B

27) What are the requirements for a cover bandage?
  A. It may not absorb any fluids
  B. It may not be older than 1 year
  C. It must be sterile
Ans: C

28) What do you have to do when a passenger has no breathing?
  A. Start CPR immediately
  B. Put the victim in the recovery position
  C. Continue with the breathing check
  D. Count pulsations
Ans: A

29) What is the purpose of the "Heimlich" procedure?
  A. To treat the absence of a victims breathing
  B. To remove a blockage in the victims airway
  C. To treat an insufficient breathing
  D. To re-locate (move) the person
Ans: B

30) How can you recognize a arterial bleeding
  A. Blood flows equally out of the wound
  B. Blood flows slowly out of the wound
  C. Blood flow with pulses out of the wound
Ans: C

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