Wednesday, 2 September 2015

First Aid Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31) List what FAST stand for:
  A. Face, Arms, Speech an Time
  B. Fracture, Arm, Speech and Time
  C. Face, Abdomen, Sleep and Time
  D. Face, Arms, Speech and Treatment
Ans: A

32) How many compressions and breathings should you do for each cycle of CPR?  (adult)
  A. 15 compressions and 2 breaths
  B. 15 compressions and 1 breaths
  C. 30 compressions and 2 breaths
  D. 30 compressions and 1 breaths
  E. 5 compressions and 2 breaths
Ans: C

33) A passenger has been stung by a honey bee. The stinger is still under the skin and needs to be removed to prevent anaphylactic shock. What do you do next?
  A. Remove the stinger using a pair of sterile tweezers
  B. Remove the stinger using a credit card or a butter knife to scrape it out
Ans: A

34) A person is alergic for peanut butter an is going into anaphylactic shock. What do you do next?
  A. Have them sit with their head between her knees and have them breathe deeply
  B. Give them some water to cool the throat
  C. Arrange medical attention
  D. Give them some sweet drinks
  E. Give them some aspirin immediately
Ans: C,E

35) What does ABC stand for? (more answers)
  A. Airway
  B. Back
  C. Breathing
  D. C-Spine
  E. Circulation
Ans: A,C,E

36) When performing chest compressions on an adult we press the chest:        
  A. 2 - 3 cm
  B. 2,5 - 3,5 cm
  C. 4 - 5 cm
  D. 1- 2 cm
  E. 5 - 6 cm
Ans: C

37) When dealing with an unconscious casualty, you should check up to ?? seconds for normal breathing.                  
  A. maximum 2 seconds for normal breathing
  B. maximum 5 seconds for normal breathing
  C. maximum 10 seconds for normal breathing
  D. maximum 30 seconds for normal breathing
  E. maximum 60 seconds for normal breathing
Ans: C

38) Having a  ..................pulse is a sign of medical shock.
  A. slow
  B. rapid

Ans: B

39) What is a scold?
  A. A burn by liquid or gas
  B. A burn by fire
  C. A break in your leg
  D. Being beaten with a stick
Ans: A

40) What do you do when someone breaks an arm?
  A. Scream and run
  B. Put a plaster on it
  C. Use an antisceptic wipe
  D. Put the arm in a sling
Ans: D

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