Thursday, 24 September 2015

Experienced Desk top Support Interview Questions and Answers

16)    What is IAS server?
IAS means Internet Authentication Service. For many types of network access like wireless, authenticating switch and remote access dial-up they perform accounting and auditing, centralized connection authentication and authorization.

17)    What is Ping command?
Between two or more devices, to check the physical IP connectivity Ping command is used.

18)   What do you mean by clustering? What are the benefits?
When one or more computers work together as a single system by sharing their resources is known as clustering.  The benefits of clustering are that it reduces the load on one single system by sharing the load also it is used for redundancy of the services.

19)    What is a group?
Group is a collection of the user account. It provides the simplified administration in the network.

20)   What is a child domain?
A child domain is the member domain of Windows 2000 Active Directory.

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