Thursday, 24 September 2015

Latest Desk top Support Interview Questions and Answers

21)   What are the benefits of a child domain?
Benefits of child domain are:
Low network traffic
Low administrative overhead
Security boundary

22)   What is OU?
OU means for Organizational Unit. It is a container within Active Directory which can hold users, groups and computers.  It is the smallest unit on which administrator can assign group policy settings.

23)   Explain group policy?
Group policy provides the stream line access to all the users in the network, it can be used to define the users security and networking policies.  By group policy you can keep control over certain function like not allowing the users to shut down the system or using the control panel or running the command. Group policy is applicable on active directory container like OU, site and Domain.

24)   What is the difference between permission, rights and policy?
“Policy” is assigned on active directory, like site, domain and OU. The “Rights” are assign to users and groups, whereas, the “Permission” is assigned for network resources like file, folders and printers.

25)   What is DC and ADC stands for?
DC stands for domain controller and ADC stands for additional domain controller.
ADC is a backup of domain controller. Domain controller is a server that checks the security measures like user id, password.

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