Thursday, 24 September 2015

Freshers Desk top Support Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11)   What is the operating system?
Operating system acts as an interpreter between computer application and hardware.  It works as an user interface.

12)   What are the types of operating system or O.S?
The two types of operating systems are:
NOS : Network Operating System. Examples of NOS- Windows NT, 2000,2003
SOS : Simple Operating System. Examples of SOS – Windows 95,98, ME

13)   Explain about RAS server?
RAS means Remote Access Server.  It allows operating the tool or information that typically resides on a network or IT devices through combination of hardware and software, for example connecting to printer or file. It is usually used for mobile users who are in the network. It uses telephone line to provide connectivity to its users. It can also connect two or more than two offices in the network.

14)   Explain about VPN server?
VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a private communications network often used by companies or organizations to communicate confidentially over a public network. This is used by the mobile users in the network.

15)   What is the difference between RAS and VPN server?
RAS is truly a local area connection between two connections whereas, VPN is a local connection spread over large area.

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