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Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free download

6. How to Test Database Procedures and Triggers? 
Before testing Data Base Procedures and Triggers, Tester should know that what is the Input and out put of the procedures/Triggers, Then execute Procedures and Triggers, if you get answer that Test Case will be pass other wise fail.
These requirements should get from DEVELOPER

7. Is a "A fast database retrieval rate" a testable requirement? 
No. I do not think so. Since the requirement seems to be ambiguous. The SRS should clearly mention the performance or transaction requirements i.e. It should say like 'A DB retrival rate of 5 micro sec'.

8. How to test a DTS package created for data insert update and delete? What should be considered in the above case while testing it?What conditions are to be checked if the data is inserted, updated or deleted using a text files? 
Data Integrity checks should be performed. IF the database schema is 3rd normal form, then that should be maintained.
Check to see if any of the constraints have thrown an error. The most important command will have to be the DELETE command. That is where things can go really wrong.
Most of all, maintain a backup of the previous database.

9.How to test a SQL Query in Winrunner? without using DataBase CheckPoints? 
By writing scripting procedure in the TCL we can connect to the database and we can test data base and queries.
The exact proccess should be:
1)connect to the database
db_connect("query1",DRIVER={drivername};SERVER=server_name;UID=uidname;PWD=password;DBQ=database_name ");

2)Execute the query
db_excecute_query("query1","write query u want to execute");
-Condition to be mentioned-

3)disconnect the connection

10. How do you test whether a database in updated when information is entered in the front end? 
It depend on your application interface.. 1. If your application provides view functionality for the entered data, then you can verify that from front end only. Most of the time Black box test engineers verify the functionality in this way. 2. If your application has only data entry from front end and there is no view from front end, then you have to go to Database and run relevent SQL query. 3. You can also use database checkpoint function in WinRunner.

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