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Freshers Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11. How do you test whether the database is updated as and when an information are added in the front end?Give me an example? 
It depends on what level of testing you are doing.When you want to save something from front end obviously, it has to store somewhere in the database
You will need to find out the relevant tables involved in saving the records.
Data Mapping from front end to the tables.Then enter the data from front end and save.
Go to database, fire queries to get the same date from the back end.

12. What steps does a tester take in testing Stored Procedures? 
First the tester should to go through the requirement, as to why the particular stored procedure is written for.
Then check whether all the required indexes, joins, updates, deletions are correct comparing with the tables mentions in the Stored Procedure. And also he has to ensure whether the Stored Procedure follows the standard format like
comments, updated by, etc.

Then check the procedure calling name, calling parameters, and expected reponses for different sets of input parameters.
Then run the procedure yourself with database client programs like TOAD, or mysql, or Query Analyzer
Rerun the procedure with different parameters, and check results against expected values.
Finally, automate the tests with WinRunner.

13. What are the different stages involved in Database Testing 
verify field level data in the database with respect to frontend transactions
verify the constraint (primary key,forien key ....)
verify the performance of the procedures
verify the triggrs (execution of triggers)
verify the transactions (begin,commit,rollback)

14. How to use sql queries in WinRunner/QTP in QTP
using output databse check point and database check point ,
select SQL manual queries option
and enter the "select" queris to retrive data in the database and compare the expected and actual

15. what is database testing and what we test in database testing? 
Database testing is all about testing joins, views, inports and exports , testing the procedures, checking locks, indexing etc. Its not about testing the data in the database.
Usually database testing is performed by DBA.

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