Tuesday, 22 September 2015

28 Top Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers

1. What we normally check for in the Database Testing? 
In DB testing we need to check for,
1. The field size validation
2. Check constraints.
3. Indexes are done or not (for performance related issues)
4. Stored procedures
5. The field size defined in the application is matching with that in the db.

2. What is Database testing? 
Data bas testing basically include the following.
1)Data validity testing.
2)Data Integritity testing
3)Performance related to data base.
4)Testing of Procedure,triggers and functions.
for doing data validity testing you should be good in SQL queries
For data integrity testing you should know about referintial integrity and different constraint.
For performance related things you should have idea about the table structure and design.
for testing Procedure triggers and functions you should be able to understand the same.

3. How to Test database in Manually? Explain with an example 
Observing that opertaions, which are operated on front-end is effected on back-end or not.
The approach is as follows :
While adding a record thr' front-end check back-end that addition of record is effected or not. So same for delete, update,...... Ex:Enter employee record in database thr' front-end and check if the record is added or not to the back-

4. What is data driven test? 
Data driven test is used to test the multinumbers of data in a data-table, using this we can easy to replace the paramerers  in the same time from deferent locations.
e.g: using .xsl sheets.

5. How to check a trigger is fired or not, while doing database testing? 
It can be verified by querying the common audit log where we can able to see the triggers fired.

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