Monday, 31 August 2015

Most Recently Asked Auto cad 2D Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

31. What does associative hatch
A. Monitors the changes in shape that fills
B. Relates to the other hatch plan
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above
Ans: A

32. What is the difference between command Plot and Print
A. plot command prints only big plans
B. The plot command for CNC (CAM)
C. No difference
D. print command can print up to A3 size paper
Ans: C

33. If you  change the scale list a project that I have started from 1:50 1:10 then
A. You will have to start over
B. You should not raise the objects already exist (scale) by 5
C. You will not need to change anything in hitherto methodology
D. should be converted into new items that will add based on the new scale
Ans: D

34. Which of the following is NOT a unit of length measurement?
A. Yards
B. Parsecs
C. Microns
D. Grads
Ans: D

35. What does the command Wblock
A. Warp-speed block
B. Write block
C. Window block
D. Wide-area block
Ans: B

36. Is 330 degrees same as -30 degrees in a drawing?
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

37. Where should you pay attention when you are working with autocad commands?
A. Drawing area
B. Status bar
C. Tool bars
D. Command window
Ans: D

38. Polar coordinates are used mostly for drawing_____
A. Arc
B. Ellipse
C. Angular lines
D. None of the above
Ans: C

39. How many SNAP points does an object have?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 5
D. Depend on object
Ans: D

40. How many points do you need to define for the rectangle command?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
Ans: B

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