Monday, 31 August 2015

Auto cad 2D Online Quiz Questions & Answers

21. How to make a random line with an angle of 40 degrees to the x axis
A. will write 0 <40
B. will write 2 <40
C. will write 3<40
D. will write 4 <40
Ans: C

22. Which of the following file extensions cannot open the AutoCAD
A. dwg
B. dxf
C. dot
D. dws
Ans: C

23. A surveyor with a headband to measure the dimensions of a site, he make measurements by
A. No one method
B. Related Cartesian coordinates
C. Absolute polar coordinates
D. None of the above
Ans: A

24. What is the command used for Plagiostomi angle?
A. Chamfer
B. Fillet
C. Offset
D. Mirror
Ans: A

25. When should I use the Block Editor
A. To write text block
B. To fix outer block
C. To fix dynamic block
D. To store it in another version of AutoCAD
Ans: C

26. If the scheme that stores will be opened in AutoCAD 2006 then you must save it in
A. AutoCAD 2004 dwg
B. AutoCAD 2006 dwg
C. AutoCAD 2007 dwg
D. None of the above
Ans: A

27. Print scale 1:50 means that
A. The draft is 50 times less expensive than the original
B. A 3 cm corresponds to half a meter
C. A measure corresponds to 50 cm
D. None of the above
Ans: B

28. What do the letters UCS
A. Uniform Calculator System
B. United CAD System
C. Universal CAD Settings
D. Universal Coordinate System
Ans: D

29. What is the difference of two regular 8-gonon, which is one inscribed and another  circumscribed circle
A. No difference
B. different opening angles
C. different side length
D. different crowd sides
Ans: C

30. If during the CCW measurement result gives an angle 135 degrees, the same CW angle measured is
A. 225 degrees
B. -135 degrees
C. -225 degrees
D. 135 degrees
Ans: D

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