Friday, 6 February 2015

Technical Round QTP Interview Questions and Answers

41.  What would be strategy to fix bugs in an unknown piece of code? | QTP Questions
R&D works means basically we can say it is a verification process. Before you implementing some logic into your function you have to review those to find is their any errors which can be cleared by goingthrough that piece of logic we are going

42.  If a customer wants a new feature to be added, how would you go about adding that?
First Dev team do some R &D on required new feature, weather it is feasible or not.. If it is feasible then onle we will think further on that,  We will update our old requirement docs and test plan. After that we will create some test

43.  Did u ever have to deal with someone who doesn't believe in testing? What did u do?
geetanjali Wrote: i will explain if the product will release without testing it can cause loose of quality, customer relaibilty, loss of reputation, and even loss of life, in a normal IT company there are 1:1 tester to developer, but in NASA there are

44.  Generate test cases for replace string method
1. If characters in new string > characaters in previous string, none of the characters should get truncated.  2. If characters in new string < characters in previous string, junk characters should not be added.  3. Spaces

45.  Write test cases for char * my_itoa(int n) method? What if this function is mission critical? How will you test it? How can you speed up the implementation?
char * my_itoa(int n) method For this function :  First I will pass correct argument and checks weather it is functioning correctly or not for correct arguments. I will pass float as argument, and check weather type casting is happening

46.  How will you test a keyboard?
First check the requirements of the keyboard as we are familiar with keyboards, check the dimensions and design of the keyboard as requirements next checks the total no. of keys and check whether all keys are present and present correctly in their specified

47.  How will you test a newly installed elevator? What will you be the broad categories of your test cases.
go through the requirements.. check for the maximum load cpacity.. check wheather the system is funcitoning properly.. check for the different switches awilable.. check their funtionality...

48.  What is defect leakage?
Defect leakage defines the time gap between defects found to defect resolved

49.  What are the flaws in water fall model and how to overcome it?
Since testing comes at the last stage , there are huge chances of defect multiplication, defects will be migrated to every stage wastage of human resources and time delays are also introduced

50.  How does u test a weblink which is changing dynamically?
This could be tested through the automated test tools like rational robot and winrunner.
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