Friday, 6 February 2015

Latest Quick Test Pro Interview Questions And Answers

31.  How do you test siebel application using qtp? | QTP Questions
In SWE section u need to addAutomationEnable = TRUE and at the same time you need to use SWECmd= AutoOn in the URL

32.  How many types of Actions are there in QTP? | QTP Questions
QTP structured by actions. actions are subprocedures which perform certain actions on application under test.there are 2 types of actionsregular actions (non reusable actions) reusable actions regular actions:regular actions are used only in the script in

33.  How do you data drive an external spreadsheet? | QTP Questions
Import from External Spreadsheet File by selecting Import then From File .  This imports a tabbed text file or a single sheet from an existing Microsoft Excel file into the table.  The sheet you import replaces all data in the currently selected

34.  I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use SystemUtil.Run command as well how do I do this? | QTP Questions
 Another alternative to open a notepad is to use ShellObject. Check out with the following example:Dim aSet a = WScript.CreateObject ("") "notepad.exe"

35.  how many types of recording modes in QTP?describe each type with an example where we use them? | QTP Questions
3 types of recording modes in QTP.1.norma 2.analog mode 3.low level recording mode.pls describe where we use them exactly..

37.  How will you test a stapler? | QTP Questions
Using user acceptance test

38.  How will you write test cases for a code currently under development? | QTP Questions
The First Thing I will go through the Requirments if it is not understandable then we will conduct Requirment Analysis within our Team, then if need we will get the knowledge on the product from the developers.after that i will Prepare Requirement Traceblity

39.  Describe the last project scenario and generate test cases for it? | QTP Questions
Based on the last project functionality we write test cases for it.

40.  If there are a lot of bugs to be fixed, which one would you resolve first. | QTP Questions
As a tester.. We donot fix bugs.. we only find bugsAs a developer... Bugs are to be fixed basing on the Priority and severity of bug.Sometimes even the severity is low..but if attaches to major functionality, then priority will be more to fix that bug..
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