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QTP Tutorials & Interview Questions

Below are some important QTP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

51.  What is system testing and what are the different types of tests you perform in system testing?
System testing is a type of Black box testing. System testing means testing the application. After the integration testing, usually will do system testing. Functionality, Regression, and performance testing’s comes under system testing.

52.  How do we know about the build we are going to test? where do you see this?
in test plan we r going to have all the details about who should test which tests in a team which is given by team leader.according to that all the group will do their testing

53.  What did you do as a team leader?
The roles of a lead1) Before the project gets started, will conduct one team meeting and discuss briefly about the upcoimg project2) will distribute the work among the team members and let them know which part of the application they are going to test3)

54.  What test you perform mostly? Regression or retesting in your testing process?
Retesting is the repeated execution of the test case which results in a fault,with the aim that fault has been cured,Regression testing is the renewed testing of already tested program or part after modification with the aim that the modification had.

55.  What is the difference in testing a CLENT-SERVER application and a WEB application?
Client/server application is a 2-tier application where as web application is an n-tier application.

56.  What is the difference in testing a CLENT-SERVER application and a WEB application?
Suganthi Wrote: In both of the Test we are performing Load and Performance Testing. Testing the application in intranet (without browser) is an example for client -server. Testing an application in internet (using browser) is called web testing

57.  What command is used to launch a application in winrunner?
Invoke application command used to launch application in WR. See function generate in WR

58.  Without using gui map editor? We can recognize the application in WinRunner ?
Without Using GUI map Editor, We can recognize the Application in WinRunner by using Rapid Test Script Wizard, but it is also recognize only Client server application, not Web based application.

59.  How can we write a good test case?
Prasad Wrote: how to conduct a testing in Broken-links using WinRunner? Please If you know the Answer for a question .give that. or else submit question  aging.

60.  For a triangle (sum of two sides is greater than or equal to the third side),what is the minimal number of test cases required.
Generally, we will calculate the number of test cases that depends on the particular module and its complexity. Minimum number of test cases= (number of inputs) multiply (1.6) (approx. calculation.
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