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QTP: QTP questions and answers for Experienced Page7

Below are some important QTP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

61.  How will you check that your test cases covered all the requirements?
There is one formula to know the number of test cases is Minimum Number of test cases=No. Of inputs *1.6

62.  How is test case write?
Effective test case contain Test case description, test i/p data,exp o/p and actual o/p.

63.  What is meant by hot keys?
A hot key is a key or a combination of keys on a computer keyboard when pressed performs a task. The specific task performed by a particular hot key varies by operating system or application. However, there are commonly-used hot keys. For example, pressing

64. With what extension you can save the list of tests in a file to run in Test Batch Runner?

65.  What are the key elements available in Test Result window?
 Test Result File bar, Menu bar, Test results tool bar, Test result tree, Test result details, Status bar.

66.  What are Main panes available in QTP Test Browser?
 Test Pane (Tree & Expert), Test Details Pane (Active Screen), Date table, Debug viewer Pane.

67.  How many tabs are available to view your test in a Test pane and what are they?
 Tree & Expert

68. What are the 3 main stages involved in Testing with QTP?
 Creating Tests, Running Tests, Analyzing Tests.

69. Write a Function to capture the Pop-up's?
 Here I am writing steps to handle Pop-up Exceptions
1)select the Recovery scenario manager
2)Press the new scenario
3)click next  4)select the pop-up exception
5)select the pop-window which we want to handle(capture) by clicking the spy button
6)press next  7)select the specified option like keyboard or mouse operation press next
8)select the specified option cleck default button or press enter
9)cleck next and uncheck add another recovery operation
10)cleck next and select proceed next step
11)click next and give the scenarion name and description
12)click next and select add scenario to current test and add scenario to default finish
afterword save that scenario.

70.  What are different types of exceptions ?
4 Types of Exceptions are there
1)Pop-Up exceptions
2)Object State exceptions
3)Test Run error exceptions
4)Application Crash exceptions
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