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QTP: QTP - Vbscript interview questions and answers Page8

Below are some important QTP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

71.  What are Output values and why they are used ?
Ouput values are values we can get those values from our application. We can put those values in data table and wherever we want we can use those values. In Parameterizing Tests, you created parameters that inserted different data into each iteration of a test run. You can also retrieve data from your application and output it to the Data Table, using output values. This data can then be used at a later stage in the test. QuickTest displays the retrieved data, following the test run, in the Runtime Data Table

72.  What are the Different types of Functions available in QTP and Explain ?
Functions are 2 types   1)VB Script Functions-abs,now….etc    2) User defind Functions

73.  What are the main Differences of QTP and Win Runner?
 1) QTP is icon based testing tool.
        2) QTP uses VB script while winRunner uses TSL which is C language based
        3) QTP has Recovery Manager .Win Runner 7.5 also having Recovery Manager.
        4) QTP generates output values and these can be used as input values to other Objects
5) QTP has userfriendly Browser, At a glance we can have a look of scripts ,Active Screen and Data XL sheet
 6) In QTP we can’t put Runtime Database check Point. In win runner we can

74. Differences between Text and Test Area Checkpoints?
 Text Checkpoint—Enables you to check that the text is displayed in a screen, window, or Web page, according to specified criteria. It is supported for all environments
Text Area Checkpoint—Enables you to check that a text string appears within a defined area in a Windows application, according to specified criteria. It is supported for Standard Windows, Visual Basic, and ActiveX environments

75  In what occasion we can specify Global sheet and Action sheet?
 We store data in the Global tab when we want it to be available to all actions in our test, for example, to pass parameters from one action to another.
We store data in the action’s tab when we want it to be available to only one action in our test

76.  What are Main panes available in QTP Test Browser?
 Test pane—Contains the Tree View and Expert View tabs
       Test Details pane—Contains the Active Screen
      Debug Viewer pane—Assists you in debugging your test. The Debug Viewer   pane contains the Watch Expressions, Variables, and Command tabs. (The Debug Viewer pane is not displayed when you open QuickTest for the first time. You can display the Debug toolbar by choosing View > Debug Viewer.)

77.  How we can import data from database?
 we can import data from a database by selecting a query from Microsoft Query or by manually specifying an SQL statement
Right-click on the Data Table sheet to which you want to import the data and select Sheet > Import > from Database. The Database Query Wizard opens. Select your database selection preferences like create query using Microsoft query or specify SQL statement manually and click next. After words by specifying connecting string and SQL statements. We can get data from database to data table.

78.  Define Virtual object?
Virtual objects enable you to record and run tests on objects that are not normally recognized by QuickTest. We can teach QuickTest to recognize any area of your application as an object by defining it as a virtual object.Some times QTP may not recognize some objects. In this kind of situations Using New Virtual Object we can convert Custom Objects into standard Objects.
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