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SAP BI: SAP Bw Interview Questions With IBM/HP (Part5)

Below are some important SAP BW interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
41) What is the common method of finding the tables used in any R/3 extraction
A) By using the transaction LISTSCHEMA we can navigate the tables.

42) Differences between table view and infoset query
A) An InfoSet Query is a query using flat tables.

43) How to load data from one InfoCube to another InfoCube ?
A) Thro DataMarts data can be loaded from one InfoCube to another InfoCube.

44) What is extended star schema?
Star Schema comprises of Fact tables and Dimension Tables, while the table that consists the Master data are kept in separate tables. These separate tables for Master data are referred as Extended Star Schema.

45) Difference between extract structure and datasource
A) In Datasource we define the data from diff source sys,where as in extract struct it contains the replicated data of datasource n where in we can define extract rules, n transfer rulesB) Extract Structure is a record layout of InfoObjects.C) Extract Structure is created on SAP BW system.

46) What are the data types for the characteristics info object?
There are 4 types
a)      CHAR
b)      NUMC
c)       DATS
d)      TIMS

47) What is referential integrity mechanism ?
A) Referential integrity is the property that guarantees that values from one column depend on values from another column.This property is enforced through integrity constraints.

48) Do you have any idea how to improve the performance of the BW..?
Asynchronous Updating (V2 Update)
With this update type, the document update is made separately from the statistics update. A termination of the statistics update has NO influence on the document update (see V1 Update).
Radio button: Updating in U3 update program
Asynchronous Updating (V3 Update)
With this update type, updating is made separately from the document update. The difference between this update type and the V2 Update lies,however, with the time schedule. If the V3 update is active, then the update can be executed at a later time.
In contrast to V1 and V2 Updates, no single documents are updated. The V3 update is, therefore, also described as a collective update.

49) What are the transaction codes for process chain?
a)      RSPC: Process Chain Maintenance
b)      RSPC1: Process Chain Display
c)       RSPCM: Monitor daily process chains
d)      RZ20: To see log for process chains

50) What is B/W statistics and how it is used?
The sets of cubes delivered by SAP are used to measure performance for query, loading data etc. B/W statistics as the name suggests is useful in showing data about the costs associated with the B/W queries, OLAP, aggregative data etc. It is useful to measure the performance of how quickly the queries are calculated or how quickly the data is loaded into BW.
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