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Latest SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf (Part6)

51) What is entity relationship model in data modeling ?
A) An ERD(Entity Relation Diagram) that can be used to generate a physical database.
B) It is an high level data model.
C) It is a schematic that shows all the entities within the scope of integration and the direct relationship between the entities.

52)  What is the data target administration task?
Data target administration task includes
a)      Delete Index
b)      Generate Index
c)       Construct database statistics
d)      Complete deletion of data target
e)      Compression of the info-cube etc.

53) What are the delta options available when load from flat file?
Three options are available for delta management with flat files
1)      Full upload
2)      New status for changed records
3)      Additive delta

54) What are the steps within SAP BI to create classes for BW?
To create classes or nodes for BW you have to follow the following steps,
a)      Click on post-processing of data sources
b)      Execute/Click on IMG activity
c)       Select BW or any desired node
d)      Click on context menu
e)      Press F6 or select “Create node”
After following these steps, a new dialog box will appear, where you can insert your node or class for BW.

55) What is data ware-housing hierarchy?
To define data aggregation hierarchy can be used. It is a logical structure that use ordered levels as a means of organizing data.  For instance, by using time dimension hierarchy, it is possible to aggregate data from the month level to the quarter level to the year level.

56) How will you debug errors with SAP GUI ?
To debug errors in SAP GUI you have to follow the path
a)      Run Bexanalyzer
b)      Business Explorer menu item
c)       Installation check
This will show an excel sheet with start button, on clicking on it, it will verify the GUI   installation and if there is any error you can fix it or either re-install it.

57) What is datamining concept ?A) Process of finding hidden patterns and relationships in the data.B) With typical data analysis requirements fulfilled by data warehouses,business users have an idea of what information they want to see.C) Some opportunities embody data discovery requirements,where the business user wants to correlate sets of data to determine anomalies or patterns in the data.

58) What is scoring ?59) Usage of Geo-coordinates ?
A) The georelevant data can be displayed and evaluated on a map with the help of the BEx Map.

59) Hope you have worked on enhancements and on which userexit you worked can you explain?A) Extended the Data source 0MATERIAL_ATTR , 0PLANT_ATTR, 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR for Master Data load from R/3 to BW. Edited User exit EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 to populate Master Data for extended fields and EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 for transaction data to extract from R/3 to BW

60) What is the t-code for generic extractor?
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