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sap bw ultimate interview questions and answers pdf (Part4)

31) When given a choice between a single infocube and multiple InfoCubes with a multiprovider, what factors does one need to consider before making a decision?
A) One would have to see if the InfoCubes are used individually. If these cubes are often used individually, then it is better to go for a multiprovider with many cubes since the reporting would be faster for an individual cube query rather than for a big cube with lot of data.

32) How many hierarchy levels can be created for a characteristic info object?
A) Maximum of 98 levels.

33) What is open hub service?
A) The open hub service enables you to distribute data from an SAP BW system into external data marts, analytical applications, and other applications. With this, you can ensure controlled distribution using several systems. The central object for the export of data is the Infospoke. Using this, you can define the object from which the data comes and into which target it is transferred. Through the open hub service, SAP BW becomes a hub of an enterprise data warehouse. The distribution of data becomes clear through central monitoring from the distribution status in the BW system.

34) What is the function of 'reconstruction' tab in an infocube?
A) It reconstructs the deleted requests from the infocube. If a request has been deleted and later someone wants the data records of that request to be added to the infocube, one can use the reconstruction tab to add those records. It goes to the PSA and brings the data to the infocube.

35) What are secondary indexes with respect to InfoCubes?
A) Index created in addition to the primary index of the infocube. When you activate a table in the ABAP Dictionary, an index is created on the primary key fields of the table. Further indexes created for the table are called secondary indexes.

36) What is DB connect and where is it used?
A) DB connect is database connecting piece of program. It is used in connecting third party tools with BW for reporting purpose.

37) Can we extract hierarchies from R/3 for CO-PA?
A) No We cannot, “NO hierarchies in CO/PA?.

38) Explain ‘field name for partitioning’ in CO-PA
A) The CO/PA partitioning is used to decrease package size (eg: company code)

39) What is V3 update method ?
A) It is a program in R/3 source system that schedules batch jobs to update extract structure to data source collectively.

40) What is modelling?
Designing of data base is done by using modelling. The design of DB (Data Base) depends on the schema, and schema is defined as the representation of tables and their relationship.
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