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ms access vba interview questions and answers pdf (Page 3)

Below are some important MS Access interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. I am designing an Access database form. how can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?
By default, Access waits until you press Enter before it selects the Next control on your form. However, this is a wasted keystroke you can eliminate by setting each control’s Auto Tab property to Yes. This Property also requires that you set an input mask. Once the data you’re
entering satisfies the input mask, the Auto Tab property Automatically selects the form’s next control We don’t recommend you Use this feature unless you can apply it consistently; otherwise you’ll just confuse your users, who won’t know when to press Enter.

12. In MS Access the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. how do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?
In the date field properties of the table, form, or properties manually input the format you would like. It is not required to choose one of the date formats in the drop down box. Example would be mm/dd/yyyy.

13. how can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?
MS Access is not backwards compatible. A workaround to share tables between different versions of MS Access would be to link the tables between two different databases. All objects in the database would not be available.

14. Explain about relationships and look up fields?
Relationships are imported from the source to destination without any hindrance but once they land in the destination they can never be altered or changed and change of extensions cannot be of much help.
Lookup fields: -Make sure that you link tables, links, etc if you want to display look up values and not look up ids. Related table should be linked to the destination field for display of  lookup values.

15. How do you create an append query?
Append query can be used if you would like to add new rows of data to an already existing table.
The process of creating an append query follows these steps they are.
Basic step should be to create a select query
After selecting the query you need to append the query
Destination fields should be selected for each column in the query
Records can be appended by using the function to run.
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