Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Microsoft Access Database Interview Questions and Answers (Page 2)

Below are some important MS Access interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

6. How do you import data from another access database?
The process of importing data from another Access database follows these general steps they are
-Preparing the document for import operation and make sure that extensions are not in .mde or .accde because in that extension you can import only tables.
-Source should be closed automatically when the process is completed
-Make sure that you have permission for read and write.

7. I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message ‘[here was an error executing this command.
The Switchboard manager in MS Access offers only limited information on errors that occur within the database. Execute the selection directly Prom the database window to get more detailed information on the error.

8. What happens if the both source and destination are named the same?
The import operation present in MS Access does not overwrite or modify any of the existing tables or objects. If both the source and destination are the same it makes sure that numbers are appended to the name of the source file. For example a table having a name as info will be renamed as infol.

9. What format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?
MS Access is not backwards compatible. To share tables between different versions of MS Access, you can link the tables between two different databases However, only the tables in the converted database would be available.

10 . What is the maximum size of a database that can be opened in Microsoft Access?
1 Gigabyte
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