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Latest MS Access Interview Questions and Answers (Page 4)

Below are some important MS Access interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

16 . State some of the uses append query?
Some of the uses of append query are as follows
You will save time by appending data to an existing table rather than manual update.
Appending files based on specific criteria is possible.
If your destination file doesn’t have columns and rows you can add certain columns and rows thus ignoring the rest of them.
Append can save time and labor when dealing with large database updation.

17. State some criteria s and their effects Of  a database?
It is possible to enter one or more criteria in the rows which can affect your database significantly.
>=“Callahan” this returns all the various records from Callahan to the end of the alphabet. Date() This field returns all the data pertaining to the current date.
This is used when you want to know all records which contain zero length string This can be useful to know whether your customers have fax numbers or so.

18. Detail about how you can import a sharepoint list?
Importing a sharepoint list to an access database gives you a range of flexible convenient options first a copy is made into the access database after which you can specify the lists which you would like to copy. Also you have an option to copy an entire list or only a specific file. Also import operation creates a table in access which copies the entire fields and records specified into the Access.

19. Explain the steps for this message could not delete from the specified tables?
This error is caused by delete query and when the unique property is set to no.
Following are the steps which should be taken to solve the problem.
I) Delete query should be opened and if it is not opening then press F4
2) Clicking the query properties underneath the query designer will give you options.
3) In that options you need to locate unique records property and should set it to yes. These options are present in query property sheet.

20. Explain about creating a report tool by using the report tool and report wizard?
Report tool creates a report very fast because it will not ask you for much information for creating your report. it displays the entire field but it may not be the polished data source you are opting for.
Report wizard allows you to create a table by giving you options on what to appear and what not to appear You can specify the relations, grouping and sorting between the tables.
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