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Recently asked MS Access Interview Questions and Answers (Page 5)

Below are some important MS Access interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

21. Explain about Microsoft access?
Microsoft access name has been changed to Microsoft office access. This software incorporates relational database management system which combines GUI (graphical user interface) with Microsoft Jet database engine. It can import and use data from Access, SQL, oracle, etc. This software is used to build application software.

22. Explain about the various features present in MS Access?
Microsoft access has huge benefits for a programmer and end user. Some of the benefits are
-Relative compatibility with SQL and VBA.
-Microsoft SQL server desktop engine is embedded into the Access suite along with Jetdata base engine which can further help you in programming.
-MS Access allows forms to contain data which is altered as changes are made to the underlying table.
-It has features which support the creation of all objects in the underlying server.

23. State some of the uses of MS Access?
MS Access provides a huge range of functions some of them are
-It is used by small business, departments of large corporations, and by amateurs to create applications on their desktop for data applications.
-Access is very useful for small web based database applications hosted on IIS and using ASP.NET pages.
-It can be used as a RAD for building prototype and Stand alone applications.
-Access can be used as a frontend while the backend can be a ODI3C compliant product.

24. Fxplain about the protection features present in MS Access?
If a programmer doesn’t wish to make changes to the document he can lock the document data and its code from further changes by changing the extension of the file system to .MDE. Changes can be made only to the file with an extension MDE. Tools are available in the market which can unlock and decompile the code but some changes to VBA or VB scripts are irreversible.

25. Name at least six file extensions of Microsoft Access?
Some of the file extensions present in MS Access are
Access blank project template .adn
Access database ,accdb
Access project .adp
Access Workgroup .mdw
Protected access database .accde
Access workgroup .mdw

26. State the criteria which a trusted publisher should meet before adding him?
The following criteria should be met by the publisher before adding him to the list.
-The code project should have a digital signature of the publisher
-A valid digital signature should be in place
-Valid digital signature should not be expired
-Digital certificate which comes with digital signature should meet industry standards and specifications.
-Developer who is holding and signing the code project should be a trusted publisher.
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