Thursday, 5 February 2015

Most Recently asked Web Services Testing Interview Questions and Answers (Page3)

11. What type of testing is carried out to find memory- leakages? give me a sample example?
Through Volume testing it is possible. i.e., An application tries to retrieve large amount of data that require large temporary buffer area. If the data exceed the buffer area the situation of memory leakage will occur and query will fail without returning any result as sorting didn’t got finished as buffer exceeds the limit.
We need to know the memory size before the test execution and after test execution by using memory related API functions or MFC functions.

12. What is the difference between web application And Client server Application Testing?
While Testing the Web Browser we need to take care of Security, Usability, Performance and URL links.
Web application is internationally so security is very important here.
Where as Client server we don’t need security at high level, It is two tier and it is used only by defined users.

13. What is your approach or how do you start Testing an Web application?
The first thing u need is to go through the specification and without using the specification u are just playing with the application. So specification is the main interface to the for any software to be tested
First Do The GUI testing after finishing that we can go for Functionality Testing.

14. How to Check whether your website is secure or not?
Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the lock icon in the lower-right of the browser window Many SSL Certificate vendors (Verisign, GeoTrust, etc.) also provide a "site seal" to the owners of these web sites.

15. What are the typical problems in web testing?
In the web testing the main problems with SERVER security the security testing plays imp role.
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