Thursday, 5 February 2015

Best Web Services Testing Interview Questions and Answers (Page4)

16. In n tier Architecture what are the factors should be considered for testing?
In N tier architecture, load testing, browser testing, compatible testing and functional testing are mandatory factor.

17. What are the common problems encountered in web testing?
The most common problem encountered during testing network is the server problem. The server may be down or may be subject to maintenance. The next problem, which is often found in testing site is a database problem, where the connection with the broken base. In some cases there may be hardware compatibility issues when you are testing a Web application.

18. What are the different static websites to dynamic websites?
Static web pages only give information to the user and the user does not have any interaction with the website. On the other hand, dynamic Web sites are those where the user communicates with the system and they are required information. In providing the required information, you may be able to retrieve the information you are looking for.

19. What are the most common browsers, which must be a Web application to test?
The commonly used browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. Therefore, a Web application must be tested in these browsers as well.

20.While testing a web site, which are different configurations that have to be aware of? These settings can demand change in the strategy of the website.
The most important factor to consider is the hardware platform, while some may use the Mac platform, some may use Linux, while others can use the Microsoft. The next is the browsers and their versions in the box. Along with the browser versions, different plug-ins must also be considered. The resolution also monitor color depth and size of the text are some of the other configurations.
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